Yahoo photos closing

Saturday, 8 September 2007, 19:39 | Category : Uncategorized
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As Yahoo puts on it’s post – All good things come to an end… Yeah Yahoo photos is shutting down. Until Web 2.0 banged us Yahoo photos was the place for showing off your pics. I have never liked googles photo sharing site, somehow it never kicked me.

Flickr is good, its jazzy, it’s sexy but still i would miss Yahoo photos for its simplicity, for being the one which made photo sharing a big trend in india at least. I will move onto Flickr, but still Yahoo photos is [soon to be was], a simple classical photo sharing site. It looks like a IT consulting company telling its 50 year old Manager, dude we longer find you that energetic, sexy and fitting into our offerings, you have done a lot for us but the new guy on the bench is the one who will hold the baton. Thank You. We think he will drive the next generation.

Thank you Yahoo Photos !.

I have seen products evolving, enhancing but very few of the big ones totally dying. So, will every online app too have an age, If yes what ?

So if you are on Yahoo photos, please move on and decide whether you wanna flickr or upload all the stuff to a new site…