iPhone must have apps

It’s time to identify the must have apps on your iPhone. The list would be regularly updated with time as and when you see new apps flowing in but as of now i find the following worth installing. I am having a satisfactory usage experience on 1.1.3 with these apps.

1. WebSearch  – One stop app for searching Google, Amazon, Dictionary.com, ebay, wikipedia etc.

2. LocateMe – Gives your precise location on the planet. Nice to have if you are stuck in a unknown place sometime but would you be connected to the internet that time :-). Gotta get Edge activated for that.

3.  SysInfo – Meta info about your iPhone.

4. Finder – Nice app to browse the filesystem and manage files and directories.

5. weDict – dictionaries on your iPhone.

6. Tris – Tetris for iPhone. One of my favourites, i love Tetris game and install it wherever possible. I even have it on IDE – IntelliJ :-).

7. CameraPro – iPhone camera software sucks. This is a nice substitute.

8. MxTube – WOW, you can download youtube videos and persist them on your iPhone forever. It’s beta now but i think once the final release is out this is going to be one of the most hpt iPhone apps. Job’s would lose his cents as people wouldn’t buy videos from iTunes store.

9. FTP daemon – This is required if you wanna access your iPhone via FTP. One you have installed this, you can FTP files to your iPhone by using any FTP client on any remote machine.

10. Unix Subsystem – This is required by many apps as a base app.

11. Open SSH – SSH to your iPhone using Putty if you are using Windows on your PC.

So keep installing and enjoying, if you find another interesting app, do leave a comment.